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Field and Crop Solutions

Here are some of the field and crop applications available from John Deere. See all of the products and get more info on those listed at Deere’s Field and Crop Solutions page.

Section Control

Section Control turns individual sections of an implement on and off automatically. This can be used when there are uneven or diagonal boundaries on a field, as in the picture above. Section Control can also be used when there is an obstacle in the field and for skipping entire rows. This application is mostly used with planters and sprayers. This technology works on most planters, but only on select sprayers. Please ask Fresno Equipment's AMS Department about compatibility. Requires a GS 3 2630 display. (Formerly called “Swath Control Pro.”)

Implement Detection

Implement Detection allows implement settings to be saved to the Display so they don’t have to be re-entered when the implement is reattached. This improves setup time and reduces manual errors.

Mobile Weather for Self-Propelled Sprayers


Mobile Weather collects weather data and shows it on the display in the cab in real time. The activation comes with a Mobile Weather tower (pictured above) that detects wind speed, wind direction, Delta T, temperature and relative humidity. Alerts can be created to appear when conditions go outside of set ranges. Requires a GS 2 or 3 display. GS 3 displays can record data as well as view it.

SeedStar Mobile


SeedStar Mobile documents the row-by-row performance of the planter. A map is created as you plant showing correct seed placement, doubled placement, and skipped placement. You can identify whether a planter section needs to be adjusted or repaired after a single pass, instead of having to wait until the crops come in. The high resolution field can be shown, as in the above right picture, using an iPad next to the display. Without an iPad plugged into the display, you can see either individual planter sections one at a time, or an average of all sections, but not the full map. Unfortunately, SeedStar Mobile is rarely compatible with the planters used in California. Please ask Fresno Equipment's AMS Department about whether this technology is compatible with your equipment.

Surface Water Pro and Pro Plus


These applications are used in levee, ditch, and land leveling operations. Surface Water Pro records field elevation as the tractor makes passes through the field. This can replace using lasers for the above applications that requires optimal weather conditions and frequently exiting the cab.

Surface Water Pro Plus has the added benefit of Advanced Ditching, which maps the position of the blade and tracks where it needs to be. Pro Plus can create Best-Fit drains in addition to Straight-Line drains. Advanced Ditching requires a StarFire receiver on the tractor and the implement and RTK level accuracy. This automates levee, ditch, and leveling tasks when coupled with the iGrade application (below).


iGrade is used to create a plane and grade. It can be used with a scraper, as shown in the picture, or with other implements. It automates levee, ditch and leveling tasks when coupled with Surface Water Pro Plus.

GreenStar Rate Controller and Rate Controller Dry

GS Rate Controller allows the operator to control the rates of an implement on the display. You can pre-set rates beforehand specific to your field, make maps of what was sprayed, and integrate with Section Control for changed rates at headers, obstacles, and doubled passes. GS Rate Controller monitors target rate, actual rate, boom section status, master switch status, pressure, fence row nozzles, tank level, and agitation. It is compatible with most spreaders and sprayers. GS Rate Controller Dry is a hardware component that allows non-John Deere self-propelled and pull-type dry box spinner spreaders and single tank air carts to be compatible with the GS displays.