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Information Management

Here are the different AMS products that help you manage information and data. Click on this link to John Deere’s Information Management page for more.



JDLink uses a telematics gateway to connect your equipment to the Internet. And if you haven't heard, you now have 5 free years of connectivity on all new equipment and recently purchased equipment!!! This allows for quite a few useful features:

Easy Access to Machine Info
Machine performance information can be accessed from the internet at any time. This includes machine location, speed, heading, fuel level, fuel efficiency, service/maintenance alerts, oil and coolant temperatures, SCV settings, On-time, idle time and more. You can monitor variables such as fuel consumption and calculate how much each machine uses per day/season/year. An AMS Specialist at Fresno Equipment can also view and analyze your performance information with you (if you allow). Our AMS department is trained in evaluating performance information and giving advice on areas where you may be able to save money and increase uptime.

Wireless Data Transfer 
Using JDLink, your data can be transferred wirelessly to and from your equipment. This ensures consistency in data registry and reduces errors. It’s now much easier to manage your data.

Remote Display Access
JDLink allows the display screen inside the cab to be accessed remotely from the Internet. This is called Remote Display Access. It allows an AMS specialist, salesman, or tech from Fresno Equipment, or anyone from your organization including yourself, to view the in-cab display from a laptop or tablet (if you allow) and walk the operator through any questions or issues.

Service ADVISOR Remote
JDLink allows Fresno Equipment to run diagnostic tests and set diagnostic recordings on your equipment from the Internet.  This can save time on ordinary jobs by allowing a technician to diagnose an issue online instead of having to drive to the field. This is also useful when there is an intermittent problem that is difficult to diagnose in the field.

Equipment Compatibility
JDLink can come factory-installed on most 6 Series and higher series tractors, and it can be field-installed on lower Series tractors. It can also be factory-installed on most harvesters and sprayers, and field-installed on other equipment such as booster engines.

JDLink "Connect"
The full name for the features listed above is "JDLink Connect." This longer name is used to differentiate the features above from JDLink Express and JDLink Locate, two services that use similar cellular communication to provide location monitoring only.

JDLink "Express" and JDLink "Locate" -- Slap & Track

JDLink Express and Locate allow customers to monitor their equipment location through the Internet using a cellular Gateway attached to the machine. You can also see other information such as heading, speed, time of last ping, and estimated fuel level, but these are only estimates and calculated based upon location history. Note that "Express" and "Locate" work on almost anything, not just equipment, powered or non-powered, including Gators, un-powered trailers, tanks, your car, etc. JDLink "Express" used to ping hourly, but now pings every two minutes! JDLink "Locate" pings every 12 hours.


Overview does two things: (1) it provides an online record of the equipment you’ve purchased, and (2) it acts like a Homepage by linking to all of the other John Deere online resources. It's the first place you can go to get to anything John Deere.

Record of Equipment
When you purchase equipment from Fresno Equipment, we put that information online for you to access with a username and password. For example, if you purchased a 6125M last year and want to look up the serial number or warranty info, you can log in and view it. This is simple, but useful.

John Deere Homepage is a Homepage for other useful John Deere websites. It provides user-friendly links to (information on anything John Deere), JDParts (look up and purchase parts), Field Connect (moisture probe real-time and historical sensor readings), JDLink (equipment real-time and historical performance readings), Stellar Support (monitor and purchase product activations), and more.

No Charge is free. It's a pretty simple website that puts all of the different John Deere applications in one place. (It's where I personally go when I want to access JDParts, JDLink, Field Connect, etc.)



Apex is a program for your computer or tablet that analyzes data. Data can be collected when you disc, plant, harvest, etc. Data is collected in the display as you move through the field, and then taken to your computer to be analyzed in Apex.

Great Preparation
You can enter tractor or implement settings into Apex, at your desk, to be instantly applied when they are brought to the tractor's display. This means that before you plant, you can enter implement settings from your desk instead of doing it each morning from the tractor. This allows you to get the implement settings correct in advance and for one person to monitor all the machine settings for various machines. Ask for a demonstration today!

Can We Do This Better Next Year?
After a job is finished, data can be taken from equipment and brought to the office for analysis. You can collect and analyze the implement settings, equipment settings, or field data (such as yield, elevation, and seeding), and compare it from year to year. You can format data in maps as is shown above.

Yield Data
John Deere Combines have the ability to track yield data. As a Combine goes through the field, it can measure precisely how much yield there is for each part of the field in real-time. This data can be put on a map to visualize how a field is producing. This in incredibly useful, especially when compared with maps of other variables such as soil composition, elevation, irrigation, spraying data, and yield data from previous years. The ability to track yield data has only as of yet been developed in John Deere Combines. This is partly due to the relatively larger demand for this technology in the Midwest.

Operations Center


John Deere Operations Center combines most functions from JDLink and Apex. This allows you to monitor your equipment’s information (using info from JDLink) and analyze it/map it (just like in Apex) in one place. The John Deere Operation Center is much more versatile and comprehensive than Apex, and has been phasing out Apex for about a year. Access the Operations Center by going to

No Charge
The Operations Center is a free application.

Data Analysis/Field Mapping
You can create and edit boundaries for your fields, as shown above, by using a Google Earth-like map of your fields, and drawing them yourself in the app. (No more having to use a GPS receiver and drive around your field boundaries with a Gator or Pickup!) After creating boundaries, you can create maps for coverage, yield, seed application, elevation, and more. Certain types of maps may require specific equipment or software activations (JD Combines, Surface Water Pro, etc.).



AgLogic is intended for operations that have multiple machines conducting multiple jobs, such as rental fleet operations. AgLogic assigns work orders to equipment through the Internet, and indicates when jobs are started, finished, and when equipment should be in a designated field. Data can be collected and reports can be made, similar to Apex and the Operations Center.

Mobile Farm Manager

Mobile Farm Manager is similar to Apex in that it also can arrange data for analysis and make maps and reports. The difference is that it is more mobile-oriented. Mobile Farm Manager is formatted to do everything on-the-go. It also allows for soil samples to be taken and mapped according to GPS coordinates obtained from your smartphone.