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Green Guard / Precision Ag Support

Green Guard



If you've ever used satellite guidance - or any other Precision Ag technology - you know that dealer support really matters. You want no-hassle loaner GPS equipment available when you need it and an experienced set of eyes monitoring your JDLink and Field Connect alerts and data throughout the year. Green Guard support packages are designed to give you the full advantage of your John Deere dealer, at the lowest possible price

Without a Green Guard package, Precision Ag support is charged at a standard rate of $95/hour. Note that we will never charge for a phone call. We also don’t charge for Precision Ag support that would naturally seem to come with a product (initial setup, installation, and training).

Our goal is for you, our customers, to enjoy using these products and realize a significant financial benefit! If you have any questions, please contact our IS Manager, Brian Montgomery, at the Five Points store: (559) 486-8020, or on his cell: (559) 360-7878.

Individual Support Features:

  • Setup, Installation, and Training – Install Precision Ag products and train customer/employees on their use.
  • Phone Support – Troubleshoot a problem over the phone. There is priority phone support for customers who have purchased Green Guard. We will never charge for a phone call.
  • On-Site Support/ Field Call – Send a Precision Ag Specialist to your site to resolve an issue.
  • Software Updates – Install software updates on an applicable Precision Ag product (receiver, display). This can often be walked-through over the phone. John Deere updates GPS software every 6 months; updates are recommended but sometimes not required.

AutoTrac Specific:

  • Calibration – Calibrate steering and TCM. Calibration is done at installation, but should be redone every season.
  • Component Inspection -- Inspect various parts of the receiver, display, and harness.
  • Loaner Equipment – Fresno Equipment can provide loaner equipment when your equipment is down or being repaired.

JDLink Specific:

  • Green Guard speed -- When we get a DTC Alert (Diagnostic Trouble Code Alert, or emailed service alert), we will determine if the machine might require immediate attention (e.g. needs to regen, operator is mishandling the equipment, or otherwise needs immediate service). If so, we will notify a dedicated technician in either the Fresno or Five Points store. That dedicated technician has a first priority to resolve the alert. He will make a phone call to your designated contact, and be at your equipment within 2 hours if required. (Outside of 50 mile radius pro-rate for distance.)

  • Alert Monitoring – You can allow Fresno Equipment’s Service Department to monitor your equipment's DTC Alerts. These are service alerts that get emailed immediately whenever there is an issue. This is especially useful at the time right before a warranty runs out, when there is a problem that could be exacerbated without immediate action, or when there is an issue that can’t be easily diagnosed. We currently provide this to every customer at no charge. However, you must purchase Green Guard speed for us to forward this to our dedicated technician.
  • Service ADVISOR Remote – Sometimes service alerts don’t fully explain/diagnose a problem. Service ADVISOR Remote lets a technician in the dealership set diagnostic recordings through the internet to further diagnose an issue. This replaces the need to send a technician to the field in some cases. This is also especially useful when there are intermittent issues that don’t immediately reappear when a service tech looks at the machine in the field.
  • Remote Display Access – Access your machine’s Display from the internet. This allows you and/or Fresno Equipment (if you give us access) to view the operator's display from a computer or mobile device. This is for assisting the operator with the display. Requires a GS 3 2630 display and JDLink.

  • JDLink Reports – Generate a weekly/monthly/seasonal report for fuel consumption and/or usage hours through JDLink.
  • Yearly JDLink Data Review – A Precision Ag Specialist can analyze your JDLink information from the last year (fuel information in different machine states, machine utilization, load analysis, scv settings, autotrac settings, location history, etc.) and review the information with you. Precision Ag Specialists are trained in analyzing JDLink information. There are likely identifiable areas where you could save time and/or money. (All data and information shared with Fresno Equipment personnel will always remain confidential. Visit for detailed information on John Deere’s data policy.)

  • Machine Performance – The Precision Ag Department can analyze the efficiency of your machine usage. We take (1) Engine RPMs, and (2) Engine load (info provided by JDLink), and tell you how efficiently a tractor is being used. This is useful for saving money in fuel costs and seeing how much added strain there is on the tractor.
  • Field Boundaries – Set up field boundaries for use in the Operations Center. These are required for most mapping applications. These can now be drawn using your computer or mobile device in the John Deere Operations Center. Fresno Equipment can assist you in drawing field boundaries for your fields.
  • Data Transfer – Move customer data between the machine's display and a customer's computer.

Field Connect Specific:

  • Monitor/Analyze Graphs – Fresno Equipment’s AMS Specialist, Brian Montgomery, assists with monitoring and analyzing your moisture sensor graphs.
  • Monitor Alerts -- Field Connect produces DTC Alerts for itself, which the customer and/or Fresno Equipment can monitor.
  • Remove and Re-Install probes -- Probes usually need to be removed after harvest and re-installed after planting. Fresno Equipment can assist with this.